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Warren Buffett's New Tricks for Elephant Hunting sticky icon

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Who Says Elephant Can’t Dance?
Not Warren Buffett. Not IBM. But how does an 82-year-old bargain hunter learn new tricks of buying tech stocks at new high prices and predicting future tech trends? Well, he read a corporate turnaroud playbook written for IBMers. He read it not just once, but twice.

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The Complete Arbitrage Deskbook sticky icon

The Complete Arbitrage Deskbook (By Stephane Reverre)
Edition 2001
Executive Summary by Tobias M. Dijkstra

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Zenway Math: Amazing Results in Just 4 Months! sticky icon

Can you add a number of 2-digit numbers in a flash like this 7-year-old girl?

In only 4 months, about 10 minutes of daily training, (we did skip many days), this 7-year-old surpassed her parents who used to be at the top of their classes in terms of mental math!

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Book Summary of 'Outliers' recommended by Charlie Munger sticky icon

This is a very well written book that tried to explain the classic confusion among the society "What makes people successful?". Is it really the DNA or Luck or a combination of factors that we never really had the time to analyze.

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Romney Did His Geography Homework

 In the last Presidential debate, Mitt Romney said: “Syria is Iran’s only ally in the Arab world.

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Rand Paul on Politics and Economy

Rand Paul for Vice President! Dr. Ron Paul is planting the seeds for his brilliant son. This is one of most brilliant political speeches I have heard in recent years.

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The Single Most Important Election Day Question

"Liar!" "Dishonest!" "Big lie campaign!" Whatever name-calling dirty politics there are, you have to admit that Mitt Romney did an enviable job at being a father, a leader and a CEO.

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Romney: No capital gain taxes for middle class

We applaud that Gov. Romney put forth a tax plan that impose no taxes on investments for people making less than $200k a year.

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Research Notes on Radian Group Inc. (RDN)

Research Notes on Mortgage Insurance
The company has good relations with the public sector. It offers financial guarantee for public finance. RDN is the third largest mortgage insurer in the U.S.
RDN’s CFO states the following:

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