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The Single Most Important Election Day Question

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By ZENWAY - Posted on 31 January 2012

"Liar!" "Dishonest!" "Big lie campaign!" Whatever name-calling dirty politics there are, you have to admit that Mitt Romney did an enviable job at being a father, a leader and a CEO.

During the election day, there is only one question we need to ask ourselves. It's the same question we should ask when we pick business CEOs. And it's a simple question: "Who do you wish to have your daughter marry to?" Newt? Or Mitt?

It's amazing how simple and how powerful the question is! As independent thinkers and Zenway wealth creation practitioners, we all know that the simplest question, well framed, is often the most powerful that can help you cut through the smoke and see the light as it is.

Good luck casting votes and picking stocks! (Dr. Zen)


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