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The Art of Digital Marketing

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By ZENWAY - Posted on 02 April 2009

Shelly Palmer knows a few things about the art of digital marketing and promotion.

During his travel in China one day, his car got stuck in traffic. He looked outside of car and saw all the traffic on the road stopped and all the drivers were busy pressing the horn buttons on their steering wheel. A cacaphony of horns on cars and trucks filled the air.

Shelly turned to his driver: "What's going on?" The driver explained that the drivers all over China were participating in a national mourn by pausing for three-minute to press the horn in mourn of the 50,000 lives that was lost in the 2008 Great Sichuan Earthquake. Shocked and amazed at the sight of this national mourn and how the Chinese people acted in unity and solidarity for each other, and sensing the potential news-worthiness of this experience, Shelly immediately pulled out his cell phone and posted on twitter that he was having a shocking experience in the middle of a national mourn in China.

Within a few moments, Shelly got a phone call from CBS: "Are you in the middle of the China national mourn right now? Can you come on the air via cellphone?" ...

There you have it: Out of a short twitter digital message, Shelly Palmer, the master digital promoter, got his few minutes of fame on a national network TV station. Not bad for someone who pounces at every opportunity to generate some media buzz for his name sake.

I recently had a chance to attend Shelly's one day seminar "Get Digital: Reinventing Yourself and Your Career for the New Digital Economy". You have to bring your own notebook computer for the event. For a whole day, Shelly would hook you onto the web via wireless connection and share with you all kinds of tips how to market yourself and your company via the social networking websites.

It was an interesting seminar full of business tips presented with a sense of humor.

After the seminar, we got a homework email where Shelly showcased some of the best links for social networking and his list of preferred contact management software with which you can send out mass email blasts with individually tailored delivery.

I tried a few tricks Shelly suggested and was delighted to find out that you can really get in touch with a lot of people with various social networking websites. The downside? You get lots of junk emails and distractions as well, even if you follow Shelly's advice: Never post your actual email on the web. Post your email in the form of: info (at), so spammers would not be able to harvest your email address.

The "Get Digital" seminar is designed for those who do not currently have an active digital life. For the experienced users of social networking websites, the event could be a good place to network while getting a few insights from a web marketing veteran. (Brian Zen)

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