You are hereFox Valley 5th graders win state stock market challenge

Fox Valley 5th graders win state stock market challenge

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By luciakwang - Posted on 09 May 2010

Fox Valley 5th graders win state stock market challenge Tullar Elementary students win for 3rd year

NOTE: Looking at their two top picks, it seems the teacher use low P/B approach, one of the simpler strategies that we teach at Zenway Wealth Creation Workshops. Just like our FIGI went from $0.50 to $2. Cheers!

MILWAUKEE -If your stockbroker isn't getting you a 60 percent return on your investments, maybe you could turn your portfolio over to some Wisconsin fifth-graders. Three students at Tullar Elementary School in Neenah won a statewide stock-investment challenge this week by turning $100,000 in pretend money into $160,218 in 10 weeks. Eleanor Erbach and Raven Wallene, both 11, and Luke Kelley, 10, beat nearly 1,400 other Wisconsin teams, most of which were comprised of high school students. "It was really exciting," Kelley said. "I was really surprised at the beginning when we started in first place, and then when we stayed in first place I wasn't really surprised when we won." Their teacher, Tim Hopfensperger, seems to have the Midas touch. It's the third time since 2007 that he led a fifth-grade team to the state title. He starts by listing 50 to 60 companies on the chalkboard that he feels have potential. Kids mainly choose from those stocks, although they're free to invest in others. Erbach, Kelley and Wallene said they looked at historical performance and pored over quarterly reports. They narrowed their list to eight or nine and held most for the entire 10-week period. They made their biggest money on two lesser-known stocks, earning about $13,800 on heart monitor maker Cardionet Inc. and roughly $11,630 on plastics maker Westlake Chemical Corp. See full article from DailyFinance:

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