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Zenway Math Workshop: From Math to Wealth™

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By ZENWAY - Posted on 21 June 2010

Why mental math? Legendary financier Jim Rogers wrote to his young daughter: “Learn to do as much arithmetic and figures as possible in your head. This may sound strange, considering that calculators are everywhere, but you will have a leg up by understanding the numbers better than others, while also noticing anomalies others miss. Besides, what will they do when they’ve left their calculators at home? This will be a huge advantage for you as few will be able to keep up with you.” John D. Rockefeller was well known for being able spot math errors just by looking at  columns of numbers. Warren Buffett has made his friends drop their jaws by telling them the square and cube root of license plate numbers.

ZENWAY MATH WORKSHOP DATE: November 18, 2010, Thursday
TIME: 6 - 7:30PM or 8 - 9:30 PM
COST: $5
PLACE: 211 North End Ave at Murray St, near World Financial Center. Room number will be emailed to those who sign up.
RSVP is required! Please email your name and phone number to: RSVP (at)

Any questions? Please call : 646-388-0887.

Seats limited. Sign up now before it's too late to give your child the math gift that keeps giving.

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