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Why Mental Math?

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By ZENWAY - Posted on 18 November 2010

In a recent interview with SimoleonSense, author Alice Schroeder said: "[Warren Buffett] recognizes square roots and sometimes cube roots of very large numbers; which is slightly unnerving, especially when he starts telling you the square and cube roots of license plate numbers. It’s something he does as a mild form of entertainment while driving."
"He later took me to Nebraska Furniture Mart carpet warehouse and started quoting how many yards they sell of each type of carpet each week and at x price and it costs y amount a yard and we mark it up at z. He was sprinting through the carpet warehouse pointing at roles of carpet and telling me which ones sell at what price. I jogged alongside him with my jaw dragging behind me on the floor in disbelief."
Our research at Zenway Math-to-Wealth shows that most business leaders are very good at mental math. To make the best financial decision in life, you have to be able to picture the crucial numbers and be able to see the relationships. Relying on a computer spreadsheet is not the right way to truely understand the numbers at a higher mental level.
That's why we stress mental math at our tutoring workshops for future business leaders and super-investors. Through first-hand tutoring experience, we believe we have found a much better way to teach math. We can crack 6-grade-math in about one or two years. See our results:

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