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Message on the card -- Edward Jones style

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By Srikorada - Posted on 19 January 2009

Recently I read in WSJ the write up about renewed methodology Edward Jones is focussing again. It is door to door marketing and selling their advisory services. A foot sodiers' job. A real selling model. Now imagine we knock 30 doors a day in our neighborhood and start canvassing about Zenway model. The reality is it is very hard to do than said. It is so tough to pu yourself in the shoes of a salesman when you are changing your profession from a cushy office and corporate culture. What happens is we start expecting everything in an arms reach. But it does not work that way.

Now, if any of you have ideas to put in message that captures the buyers attention in less than 15 words on the back of a bsuiness card let me know, we can print those cards and start putting them on the doors.

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