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Free Webinar: Saturday, February 14

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By ZENWAY - Posted on 29 January 2009

THE VALUE INVESTORS CLUB THAT MEETS ON THE WEB REGULARLY: You are cordially invited to join our FREE investment research meetup to swap best investment ideas and practices:

VALUE INVESTING RESEARCH WEB MEETUP: We will be able to talk, draw on a white board, text chat, ask questions, load up presentations, and share the computer screens of participants in our multimedia platform. RSVP is required to receive a special email invitation to our research meetup. Please send your email and name to: info [at] The special URL link to the web meeting room is unique and only valid after the meeting is launched from the server. Sorry that we can't give you a URL ahead of the meetup.


DATE: February 14, 2009 Saturday

TIME: 10 - 11 AM New York Eastern Time (About 11PM in Asia, 4PM in Europe, 7AM in California. Please check your local time zone to make sure of the differential.)


PLACE: Over the web in our multi-media web lecture room the URL of which will be emailed to you 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled web meeting.

RSVP is required!
Web seats limited. Please email your name and participating email address to: RSVP [at] zenway [dot] com.

Any questions about our Value Investors Club on the Web? Please call : 646-388-0887.

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