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Let's Make This Our Collective Investment Diaries

By Superstock - Posted on 07 February 2009

Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, used writing to exercise his mind. “I sometimes compare my brain-storming on paper to the drilling of oil wells,” Monaghan wrote. “The only way to strike oil is to drill a lot of wells.”

I have long admired the writing of diaries. Yet I had difficulties trying to make diary writing a daily habit. My random notes has always been messy and lose, buried in all kinds of papers and notebooks of different sizes.

Yet, writing diaries and brain-storming on paper is such a great way to develop my mind. I must develop a system to keep electronic diaries and manual journals.

Maybe a joint blog with a few fellow intelligent investors is the solution. Together we can chat about investment ideas and insights everyday. Here we would have a searchable filing system of our research notes.


A couple of well-known investors sold BRK due to its exposures to financial stocks, I think they are wrong. BRK is due for a strong rally here. The financial stocks are ready for a big move here.

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