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Zenway Math: Amazing Results in Just 4 Months!

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By ZENWAY - Posted on 20 May 2010

Can you add a number of 2-digit numbers in a flash like this 7-year-old girl?

In only 4 months, about 10 minutes of daily training, (we did skip many days), this 7-year-old surpassed her parents who used to be at the top of their classes in terms of mental math!

Zenway Math worked exceedingly well also for the following boy in terms developing his numbers sense and overall IQ:

The Story of Zenway Learning

During the process of tutoring his own kids, Prof. Zen documented all the worksheets and exercises to perfect the Zenway Method for mind and body development. After 2 years of training, Hilary and Maxy started to surpass their tutor. (For the mental part of Zenway Math, the ideal training time is 4 to 12 in order to fully integrate left and right brain.) First hand experience shows, whatever problems you child may face, with proper training, the potential growth in little brains could overcome almost any imperfection. Now, after passing highly selective city-wide IQ testing, both Hilary and Maxy are admitted into the New York City Gifted and Talented Program. Soon the Zenway Method started to spread among friends...

What is Zenway Math?

Zenway Mental Math is the synthesis of a few of the greatest mental math system ever invented around the world, such as abacus mental math invented in China and Vedics math originated in India. Prof. Zen took the best of the best and merged it into accounting, financial IQ, and time-tested mind-and-body Zen Training.

Our weekly tutoring and training system is designed to unleash the true potential of all children with or without special needs.

We focus on math, reading and accounting. Then we use real life case studies to guide students to apply their math and reading skills to practical situations where real wealth can be created through out their life time.

Our ultimate goal is to dramatically improve the financial results of an otherwise average life. As we all know, very few of us get the full horse power out of the mind and body endowed to our use.


About Zenway Financial IQ™:
Zenway Math and Financial IQ is about human potential and wealth creation. Zenway Tutoring is delivered in person or over the web. We send Zenway Certified Financial Tutors (CFT) to students' homes. Students can also visit our learning centers or our certified tutors weekly. Daily practice worksheets and study material will be provided. Weekly tuitions apply. Parents are often amazed how your kids will surpass themselves quickly with Zenway Learning. During the 10 minute breaks between our tutoring lessons, we teach simplified Zenway Tai Chi and deep breathing to help our students cencentrate better.

For a free parents' guide about how to nurture talents, please call 646-388-0887 or email: info (at)

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