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Monday, 27 October 2008 11:10
Combining the "Tao" of Warren Buffett with ancient mind power exercises, we focus on a unique way to create wealth with peace of mind, which rests on our true understanding about the downside risks.

Focus, Discipline, Simplicity - The Zenway to Wealth

  • We strive to see the simple truth that others miss.
  • We stick to Warren Buffett type of simple and understandable businesses While others get distracted by the complicated and fancy. We ignore noises around us and zero in on things that are logical and obvious.
  • We limit downside risks by focusing on favorable odds that can't go wrong.
  • We conduct exhaustive research with a religious zeal.
  • We apply strict self-discipline to shield ourselves from the emotions running around us and within us.
  • We stick to strict valuation rules and wait patiently for bargain prices with a clear margin of safety.
  • We reduce complex situations into a simple argument that enlightens the confused mind.
  • We stay humble and constantly cleanse our mind to get rid of delusions and false assumptions.
  • We think independently and insulate ourselves from the opinions around us.
  • We see things as they are, using a "no-mind" or a clear mind with no greed, no fear, and no bias.
  • We sort through conflicting information to the significant facts.
  • We sit still with wonderful businesses, watch the grasses grow, and reap the serious profits over the long term.
  • We ignore the noises, yet allow no detail to escape us.
  • Even in the midst of the storm and thunder on Wall Street, we can still close our eyes, and hear the "grasshopper"...
    ...Now that's a better way to invest!

What We Look for in a ZENWAY stock

Z-Zealous, zestful and zinging owner-managers;
E-Excellence in execution at operational details;
N-Name-brand, non-obsoletable, necessary products;
W-Widening moats and accumulation by wise investors;
A-Ascending and accelerating earnings and cash flow;
Y-Yin-yang sector rotation: Buy Yin, sell Yang.

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